Who we are

Hellracers was founded the summer of 2019 by four persons - Magnus Vallström, Joachim Ljunggren, Wilhelm Wiberg and Andreas Olsson. They got to know each other over the last years, mainly through Swedish iRacing League, and became good friends. As they felt that their goals and ambitions in iRacing were in line with each other, they decided to create a Swedish team with the name Hellracers.

The goal of Hellracers is to always evolve in a positive way, both as a team and as individuals. We try to participate in as many team events as we can manage, iRacing special events and different endurance series, arranged by either iRacing or third parties.

Another goal is to always perform well, both when it comes to the end result but also when it comes to racing fair.

As of today, Hellracers consists of 13 members.